Roof Drain Lining Toledo

Roof Drain Lining is Safe and Effective

Roof Drain LiningRoof drain lining is an innovative and safe method of repairing roof drains, and it is much faster and more convenient than some of the more outdated methods. Roof sewer lines and drain lines of all types can be repaired using the method, and it can be particularly helpful when the drain line is difficult to access or otherwise obstructed or unsafe for access. The drain line is repaired with a cured in place pipe (CIPP), the same technology that is used to repair pipes that are underneath the ground.

Roof drains need to be repaired quickly

One of the major benefits of using roof drain lining repairs for a roof drain is the fact that it is very safe and fast. A roof drain leak can cause significant water damage as it can easy destroy drywall, leak water onto furniture and flooring, and cause wall and wood deterioration. The longer that a roof drain leak lasts, the more devastating that it can be to a home or building. Fixing it as quickly as possible is an urgency, and a roof drain lining offers homeowners the ability to get their drain line repaired very quickly.

Roof drain linings are specific

Another main benefit of roof drain linings is the fact that they are very specific. The exact area of the roof drain that needs to be repaired is targeted. A fabric liner is saturated with an epoxy resin after the drain line has been cleaned, and the liner is moved to the specific area of the drain that has been damaged. Once it is there, it is inflated and the epoxy coats the interior, and once the epoxy hardens it creates a “pipe within a pipe.” To learn more about roof drain lining, Toledo residents should contact a service professional at Innovaliner by calling 419-779-6149.