Mainline Point Repairs Toledo

A Mainline Point Repair Can Fix Your Pipe Quickly

Mainline Point RepairsThe latest technology is used for mainline point repairs, or repairs of a specific section of any sized pipe with minimal downtime and no digging required. When mainlines suffer damage or need to be repaired, they can cause a massive amount of disruption at a home or business. Every hour that a plumbing system is down can represent lost revenue as well as reputation damage, particularly for a business. That’s why mainline point repairs need to be fast and targeted, and using the latest pipe lining technology they certainly can be.

Mainline point repairs using pipe liners are cost effective

One important thing to note with mainline point repairs is that they are particularly effective when they are made using pipe lining. Pipe lining targets the specific section of the mainline that has been damaged or compromised, and it uses a pipe liner coated with a polyester, epoxy or vinyl ester resin. The liner is inflated so that the resin coats the inside of the pipe, and within a few hours it hardens, creating a new pipe within a pipe. This allows the rest of the mainline to avoid disruption while the deteriorated parts are fixed.

The final result is a seamless jointless pipe

In no way does a pipe liner compromise the quality of the pipe. It creates a jointless, seamless pipe as the end result, just like you would expect if the section of the pipe was totally replaced. It’s an innovative and effective way to target sections of your mainline that need to be fixed quickly, and it can get your plumbing system back up and running a relatively short period of time.

There are many other benefits of mainline point repairs that a service professional can explain to you. For the finest mainline point repairs Toledo has to offer, talk to an expert at Innovaliner by calling 419-779-6149 today.